Easy DIY Crafts: Kid Created Canvas Letters

DIY Crafts are fun. It can make your interiors look fun and give you a sense of satisfaction at the same time. And if the DIY craft is made by your kid, then it becomes a bit more special. We will be taking a look at such a craft today courtesy of homemadeginger.com.


To make the kid created canvas letters, you will need a canvas, a masking tape, and paints. First, using the masking tape, make the letter you want to show on your canvas as shown above.


Now, give some acrylic colour and a paintbrush to your kid and let them paint.


The trick is to give them different colours every now and then so that your finished product does not look monotonous.


You should also rotate the canvas every now and then as kids tend to paint in one position only.


Once done, you can peel off the tape and place the canvas on the walls.